Ladies Business Wear in Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean

How We Got Started

Tamara can’t find something to wear!  She stood staring aimlessly at the clumps of clothing in her wardrobe.  With little time to get to the office, she was able to match a few pieces that luckily needed no ironing, topping it off with a jacket before rushing off to her daily routine.   Sounds like most of us? 

This was the start of BAU Fashions… because Tamara couldn’t find something to wear. 

Tamara Caesar 
Founder, BAU Fashions Ltd.

About Us...

As the name signifies, BAU which means Business As Usual, seeks to add balance and creativity to the life of the busy woman.  We are single mothers, wives, head of the house, executives, students and teachers.  A typical day could include the rush of dropping the kids at school, meetings and deadlines at the office, grabbing a few items at a supermarket and winding down all of the day's drama readily dressed for hearty conversations possibly over cocktails.

BAU does more than just dress you appropriately.  We play our part in grooming young women successfully transition into adulthood.  We exchange ideas and share knowledge for self-development and we provide advice and opportunities even to the experienced.  We help brand your identity as you strut and dominate your own runway – to look outstanding and feel confident in an image that not only promotes your unique tastes but also gives the inspiration necessary for you to become better with little effort and almost immediately.

This is what BAU aims to deliver.  Using the right blend of business, technology and fashion, we foster relationships that will drive us forward.

 The company is run by two sisters – Tamara and Krystal.  Tamara is the quiet one who sets the strategic tone for the company, whereas Krystal, the noisy one has that knack for what looks good and what doesn’t.  The company is located in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago and established itself via its online store Feel free to check us out and give us your feedback.  We’d be delighted to hear from you!


Tamara & Krystal